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FRES provides expertise in a wide range of operation fields, including web development, human resources, immigration issues, and the game industry. By making the most of our ability, we are here to help you bring your visions to life.

Over a decade worth of effort resulted in many projects which were put under the control of one limited company called FRES Media Oy. Today, FRES works in multiple aspects with the purpose to better people's cultural, digital, and productive lives.


  • 06 / 2019 - FRES Media Oy

    All services and products merged into
    FRES Media Oy.

  • 02 / 2018 DM words

    “DM words” dictionary launched first version Finnish-English.

  • 12 / 2017 - C Spinner

    The idea for the game "Cone Spinner" (C Spinner) was born.

  • 11 / 2017 - Diaspora

    Emigranti marked its' 10 year anniversary and got its' name changed to Diaspora.

  • 01 / 2017 -"Emigranti" magazine

    Emigranti got published a special edition for Albanian-speakers in Finland.

  • 02 / 2013 - Faton Media

    Faton Media was officially founded and started offering services for SME-s in Finland.

  • 01 / 2010 - Emigranti

    The Emigranti project expanded to 7 EU countries.

  • 08 / 2007 - Gjiganti.com

    Gjiganti was established. It launched its' first project "Emigranti" dedicated to Albanian speakers in Finland.

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