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We offer services through our branches, operating in four different fields.

Web development

Immigration issues

Human resources

Game industry

Web development

Through Faton Media, we offer a dedicated team whose ultimate goal is creating an excellent experience for our clients when it comes to the world of technology. Clients are provided a variety of services to choose from, depending on their needs.

We create unique websites using the latest technology which are suitable for all devices based on customer requests. Our professionals find unique ways to intensify your brand’s impact in the digital world.

We help clients’ brands tell the right story and represent their mission bravely to the market. Our studio offers a clear marketing strategy, visual brand identity, and a guaranteed successful customer experience.
Our consultants know exactly how to send your company’s online presence one step ahead by helping you conceptualize your ideas and goals.
As a digital agency, Faton Media offers a full cycle of services, including domain, hosting, logo, copywriting, photos, web analysis, marketing etc. The perfect opportunity to establish your brand digitally from scratch.







Graphic design

Digital marketing


Human resources

FRES human resources department establishes sustainable labor and employee relations. Our team’s main task is employee utilization by supporting employers. Based on employee demands, we find the best fitting workforce to suggest.

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Immigration issues

FRES supports the engagement of multicultural societies, helping newcomers integrate and be recognized as fellow citizens by natives by offering access to language solutions for immigrants among other integration services.

“DM words” is one of the tools developed as a unique dictionary dedicated to immigrants providing 1000 words and over 200 sentences in multi languages. Users have options to combine any language, listed by their choice and switch with each other.


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